Goldblum Music – Lo-Fi – Sound Collages Date: Oct 2nd Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst All hail to Rotterdam, cause Goldblum (side project from Geo’s Michiel) will replace them 🙂 With flea market cassettes, tape-loops, keyboards and vocals they create lo-fi sound collages. Fragments of golden oldies, crippled rhythms, noisy outbursts and melancholic melodies come […]


Schtevig Music – DJ Set – Hairy – Schtevig – Heavy Date: Oct 1st Location: Little Devil Ever experienced heavy music that won’t only make your head bang, but also shake your hips? Joep Schmitz aka Schtevig (RMFTM) will lead you the way until the break of dawn!

Ne Mosquito Pas

NE MOSQUITO PAS Performance Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst – Grote zaalDuration: 90 minutes website: NE MOSQUITO PAS Performers: Rosie Sommers, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Giulia Piana, Jacopo Buccino en Charlotte Nagel. In Ne mosquito pas, stage performers from different disciplines come together around their failed and unused ideas. These can be deleted […]

DJ Borg

DJ Borg Music – DJ Set – Dark – Electro Date: Oct 1st Location: Little Devil DJ BORG is the DJ alter ego of Peter Mastbooms aka BORG. BORG entered the music scene as a DJ somewhere in 1985, spinning his favorite darkish electro and wave tunes at a local bar in his hometown. Due […]

DJ Check Bestanden

DJ Check Bestanden Music – DJ set – Industrial – Darkwave – EBM Date: Oct 1st Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst – Bar Through his charisma, DJ Check Bestanden turns the darkest industrial into a heavenly symphony. Also, his mathematical mind is confusing to most, but his tunes are all but disorderly.

Onze Bas

Onze Bas Art – Installation Date: Oct 1st and 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst – Garden Our Bas investigates what it can mean when he takes on the role of a mediator who is located within the spiritual, material, and also the artificial cycles of the earth and beyond. his art continues to grow […]

Chypko Flowers

Chypko Flowers Music – Folk – Art Rock – Eclectic Date: Oct 2nd Location: Paradox Chypko Flowers is the powerful groupal incarnation of the solo project of the Peruvian musician and singer-songwriter “Flor Alarcon’. Based in Rotterdam, Chypko and her collective of talented musicians bring a jammy and flaming spice to the songs. With […]


Buurtbeheer Music – Social housing punk Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst – Kleine zaal Website: Buurtbeheer is the first social housing punk band from Rotterdam South and consists of musicians Jacco Weener, Sebastosh, and Yokolina. With their back-to-basics grooves, they bring music with an activist message: about war veterans, the housing corporation, […]

Ada Rave

Ada Rave Music – Free Jazz – Improvisation Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Kunstpodium T  website: Ada Rave is an Argentinian saxophonist, improviser and composer. Ada’s instrumental approach is based on research into a wide variety of techniques, conventional and unorthodox, which allow her to create a highly personal narrative in real time composition. In addition […]

Roméo Poirier

RomĂ©o Poirier Music – Ambient – Electronic – The sun was high so am I Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst  website: Although originally a drummer, Poirier’s music largely draws on his ever-expanding archive of self-recorded loops: “I always resample myself, using fragments of a track to make a new one, as an […]

Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Lisa Vereertbrugghen Performance Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst – Grote zaalDuration: 45 minutes website: SOFTCORE – A hardcore encounter At 200 beats per minute hardcore is techno on amphetamines. It is rave gone crazy, the sound of the underdog. It is the high speed body that is as much a part of […]

Eleni Ploumi

Eleni Ploumi Performance Date: Oct 1st Location: Little Devil Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Paradox website: Performance: Killing Time We see two bodies. A wooden and a fleshy one. The wooden is rigid, solid, stubborn. Has straight defined lines and corners. The fleshy is bendy and soft, yet strong, invariably shifting shapes. It can be stubborn as […]

Ellen Lili Vanderstraeten

Ellen Lili Vanderstraeten Performance Date: Oct 1st & Oct 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Website Lili: Website Spa for Spirits: Performance: Spa for Spirits  come in linger around stay just a little bit longer sit down, lie down,whisper me singing,mumble and stumbleupon me youmy sausages feel with yourfinger toes cheeks or chesthow soft hard […]


KEKALA: Evangelos Biskas & Yiannis Logothetis Performance Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Outside & Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Website Instagram KEKALA consists of two childhood friends, dancers and creators Yiannis Logothetis and Evangelos Biskas raised in Thessaloniki (GR), based in New York (US) and Tilburg (NL) respectively. KEKALA in Greek means not taking serious things seriously, and […]


Oume Music – Modular Synth – Experiment Date: Sept 30thLocation: Stoom 013 Under the name Oume, musician and audiovisual artist Bram van Zuijlen (RMFTM, lost/ctrl & The Gooch) creates collages of electronic sounds. He explores different sound worlds and processing techniques. From warm tonal stacks with crisp textures to cold rhythmic loops with sharp […]

Deleted Men

Deleted Men Music – Noise Date: Sept 30thLocation: Stoom 013 Deleted Men is a noise-trio from Eindhoven, Aalst-Waalre en Kerkhoven. Practicing and experimenting for many years in an old stable, they tried to figure out the true meaning of noise music. Should the music be created for the listener or for the makers themselves. […]

Tanja Ritterbex

Tanja Ritterbex Performance Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe VorstDuration: 30 minutes www.tanjaritterbex.cominstagram: @tanjaritterbex Performance: Burning Urge The performance “Burning Urge” is about a shopaholic who has created a pink world of her own where she doesn’t allow herself. She is shopping sick and tries to avoid this by means of rituals. She buys beauty, […]

Esra Westerburgen

Esra Westerburgen Performance Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Duration ‘Vloed’: 20 minutesDuration ‘To be or not to be a Shell’: 35 minutes website: esrawesterburgen.cominstagram: @esrawesterburgen Performance – VloedPerformers: Lola Schot, Justin Reinir Croes, Shanna Huijbregts, Merel Pouwels, Terra Dannenburg, Sam Maske, Esra Westerburgen When the tide is high they wash ashore, when the […]

Not Even Nothing Can Be Free Of Ghosts

Not Even Nothing Can Be Free Of Ghosts – Rainer Kohlberger Shortfilm Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Cinecitta Not Even Nothing Can Be Free Of Ghosts – Rainer Kohlberger11’ | Oostenrijk | 2016 | Avant-Garde/Algorythm This audiovisual composition is a sharp assault on the human perception system. Without a film camera involved this film is “In Limbo” […]


Novaciéries – Marine Brutti, Jonathan debrouwer, Arthur Harel, Céline Signoret Shortfilm Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Cinecitta Novaciéries – Marine Brutti, Jonathan debrouwer, Arthur Harel, Céline Signoret16’ | Frankrijk | 2015 | Fictie/Dans Jumpstyle: generally seen as a marginal dance style from the 1990s is given areinterpretation. An empty steel factory figures as a practice space for […]

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs – Nicolas Keppens Shortfilm Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Cinecitta Easter Eggs – Nicolas Keppens14’ | België | 2021 | Animatie The escaped parrot from the nearby Chinese restaurant, makes the two future hipster friends Jason and Kevin realize that there is an opportunity to catch and sell them. ‘In Limbo’ among the possibilities of […]

El Arca

El Arca – Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cociña Shortfilm Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Cinecitta El Arca – Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cociña 15’ | Chili | 2011 | Fictie/DIY Be swept away by this magical world of papier-mĂąchĂ©, where the Bible and psychoanalysis are blended into a vibrant whole. A ferocious procession, moving between sacred and […]

Sun Dog

Sun Dog – Dorian Jespers Shortfilm Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Cinecitta Sun Dog – Dorian Jespers20’ | België/Rusland | 2020 | Fictie Fedor is a young locksmith in Murmansk, a frozen city in the obscurity of the Russian Arctic. Client after client, he roams through the alleys of concrete animated by a fantasy that isolates him […]


Damnation – BĂ©la Tarr Film Date: Oct 4thLocation: Cinecitta For these films you need separate tickets. Tickets Cloaked in fog, submerged in earth and drenched in rain, Karrer plods his way through life. BĂ©la Tarr’s KĂĄrhozat (Damnation) is a masterpiece of atmosphere and cinematographic storytelling. The flowing black-and-white images show a world that sinks into […]

Buffalo 66′

Buffalo ’66 – Vincent Gallo Film Date: Oct 3rdLocation: Cinecitta For these films you need separate tickets. Tickets After being released from prison, Billy sets out to find the right way to handle his freedom. In his pathetic arduous quest, he comes across Layla, she turns out to be very important for his exploration towards […]

Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart – David Lynch Film Date: Sept 29thLocation: Cinecitta For these films you need separate tickets. Tickets Young lovers Sailor and Lula flee from the various lunatics Lula’s mother has hired to kill Sailor.A kinda light-hearted Lynch in which his characteristic style and absurd characters show up. They find themselves ‘In Limbo’ between the […]


Stalker – Andrej Tarkovski Film Date: Sept 28th Location: Cinecitta For these films you need separate tickets. Tickets A stalker leads a writer and scientist into “the zone,” specifically to an area where deep-seated desires are fulfilled and where things like intellect and reason no longer apply. As their excursion turns into an existential issue, […]


DJ KRIKKRAK Music Date: Oct 1st   Sublime eclectic mix in which trumpets met psychedelica, oddball goofiness with a nice darling twist of punk.

Levi Pols

Levi Pols Art – Film Date: Oct 1st & 2ndLocation: Paradox, Little Devil  Without holding a pencil, Levi Pols creates a drawn descent into Limbo using Artificial Intelligence.

Able Noise

Able Noise Music – Sound Art – Ambient – Minimal Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Able Noise is George and Alex’ experimental baritone guitar and drum duo, based between The Hague, the Netherlands and Athens, Greece. Through the use of voices, tapes and alternative methods of playing their instruments, they create a […]


Bed Music Date: Oct 2stLocation: Paradox BED is a psychedelic dream pop band from Rotterdam. With their beautiful mix of melancholic, dreamy and contrasting abrasive textures, they can leave you in a soothing trance. BED is influenced by bands such as Cocteau Twins, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Beach House. Their album ‘WET’ is now […]

De Kraters

De Kraters Music Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst

Guido Möbius

Guido Möbius Music – Ambient – Electronic – Sound Collage Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Much of a million magnets sounds as if Möbius has left the music to its own devices. As if he has given it space instead of closing it in and channelising. Little seems to be organised, reflected […]

Khanjar Trio + 1

Khanjar Trio + 1 Music Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst  Khanjar Trio is a multinational improv ensemble based in the Netherlands. Expect a fusion of Scratchy free-punk/post-jazz/pro-kraak musique for dancing or banging your head against, abstract minimalism on the edge between constructive collaboration and collective implosion.


Geo Music Date: Oct 1stLocation: Little Devil Geo embraces the moving life with dance punk from the caverns of the Earth. Their self-titled EP is a cocktail of no wave, post-punk and weird funk, so addictive that Bandcamp decided to label it an essential release. Geo creates an alienated world of mutant funk fueled […]


KURWS Music – Free Jazz – Post Punk – Ideas not Esthetics Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Paradox KURWS – They have been playing constantly for fourteen years, and they have given several hundred concerts in Europe and Asia. They act as an open workshop, where improvisations intermingle with compositions. By means of repetitions, recombinations, variations […]

Mr Marcaille

Mr Marcaille Music – Punk – Raw – Less people in a band is more Date: Oct 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Already on the move at the age of two, Mr Marcaille took his first trip to Romania and starts learning the cello at the tender age of seven. At eight, he explores […]

Lyckle de Jong

Lyckle de Jong Music Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Lyckle de Jong has been called a music traveler. Exploring ways to articulate his interests have led to bands, collaborations and solo work, resulting in recordings, live performances, art projects and teaching. In 2015 Lyckle bought a Yamaha qy 20. A pocket sequencer […]


Nachtzwaluw/ Pestvogel Music Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Ambient, Noise, Soundscape artist. Expect curiosities, obscure sounds and spoken word


Ontaard Music – Post-Metal – Metal Date: Oct 2st Location: Little Devil Ontaard is a leftist post-metal band from Utrecht. With black metal guitarsounds and noisy vocals, wediscuss themes of feeling alienated from a capitalist society. Ontaard is Mart Lier, Thomas Meerlo,Jeroen van Koesveld and Shira van der Wouden.


Rraouhhh ! Music – Synth – Electro – Psychedelic Date: Oct 2st Location: Little Devil Rraouhhh ! is a Brussels band born in summer 2014.This is a Dance Music duo with analog synths, old electro-acoustic keyboards.Psychedelic beats and delays, heavy sounds, cranky guitars feelings,with some groovy basslines performed live.



Alireza Abassy

Alireza Abassy Art – Storytelling Date: Oct 1st Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Alireza Abbasy, born in Tehran, is a Rotterdam-based transdisciplinary artist, writer and curator. Apart from his education and career in art, he has a solid background in Engineering. He received his PhD in Technology Management (2012) from Delft University of Technology and […]


Youff Music – Avant-garde / Noise – Noise Rock – Lo-Fi Date: Oct 1st Location: Little Devil Youff is a band of 5 with members from 30,000 Monkies, Maze, Crowd Of Chairs, Joeri Chipsvingers and Mesher. FFO: Arab On Radar, Glenn Branca, Feedback and Dafalgan.

Karolina Bergman Engman

Karolina Bergman Engman Art – Film Date: Oct 1st & 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Instagram: Karolina Bergman Engman (BjĂ€rred, Sweden, 1991) is an artist and filmmaker based in Malmö, Sweden and Bergen, Norway. She holds a BA in Visual communication from Malmö University, where she started to explore her visual language in moving […]

WithWit + Michiel Cox

WithWit + Michiel Cox Art Date: Oct 1st & 2ndLocation: Kunstpodium T We are proud to present a collaboration between installation duo WithWit and writer Michiel Cox. They will use all the exhibition spaces in Kunstpodium T to tell a visual and auditory story. WIThWIT was founded in 2014 by Erki De Vries and […]

Broken Toaster Records

Broken Toaster Records Art – Performance – Music Date: Oct 1st & 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst Broken Toaster Records (BTR) is a performance art collective / fictional recordlabel from the Netherlands. Founded by Kasper van Moll, Ide AndrĂ© and Jelle Slof in 2015, BTR creates site specific performances and performative settings taking the […]

Robert Schuit

Robert Schuit Art – Storytelling Date: Oct 1st & 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst, Paradox Robert Schuit (1978) is a writer and draftsman. For a long time, he worked under various pseudonyms. Since this year he uses his real name (Robert Schuit). For the first time, a book is published under his name: Flessenhart. This […]

Clara Alden

Clara AldĂ©n Photo by: Tegnerforbundet/ v. Øystein Thorvaldsen Art – Audio essay Date: Oct 1st & 2ndLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst About the artist: Clara AldĂ©n works with sculpture, drawing and text-based art. Her work is situated within the private sphere, and she employs her immediate surroundings to research general societal structures aggression and […]

Thais di Marco

Thais Di Marco Performance Date: Oct 1stLocation: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst website: instagram: AboutThais Di Marco (she/they) is a theater director and choreographer specialized in art production in contexts under conditions of violence with 15 years of practice in performing arts and cultural politics. Currently works with partners to either reform, or destroy […]


DREKKA Music – Ritualistic – Cinematic – Ambient Date: Oct 1stLocation: Kunstpodium T Working under the moniker Drekka since 1996, composer Michael Anderson has spent the last twenty-five years touring, traveling, and collaborating extensively; collecting memories and building a very personal archive of sound that dates back to the mid-1980’s. Anderson sculpts his ritualistic […]

Ellinor Hagman

Ellinor Hagman Art – Game – Installation Date: Oct 1st and 2nd Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst  Instagram: ellinorhagmanWebpage: About the artist: Ellinor Hagman is a Swedish artist who creates worlds where puppets are the protagonists, existing in a universe where loneliness, technology and colors have turned into a supernatural space. Presenting on Murf/Murw: The […]