Ellen Lili Vanderstraeten


Date: Oct 1st & Oct 2nd
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst

Website Lili: ellenvanderstraeten.com

Website Spa for Spirits: spaforspirits.com

Performance: Spa for Spirits 

come in

linger around


just a little bit longer

sit down, lie down,
whisper me singing,
mumble and stumble
upon me you
my sausages

feel with your
finger toes cheeks or chest
how soft hard this can be

nothing is not
ever changing
patches away
picnic-ing inn

a border the boundary the little fence
passing through


Ongoing performance and installation by Lili.

Spa for Spirits is an artistic and experimental wellness center operated by otherworldly creatures and led by Leonie Buysse and Ellen (Lili) Vanderstraeten. Visitors land in landscapes where they recharge their bodies to rituals that arise in the interaction between performer and visitor. These landscapes and rituals make room for the development of new sensory experiences.

For Murf/Murw Festival 2022 Lili will be hosting a Spa for Spirits. Lili is a performer, creator and curator. She is fascinated by co-creative ways of making art and the multiformity of textiles. Her work departs from daily routines of care such as walking, sleeping, cooking, reading … which she experimentally loosens from their monotonous patterns to create an archive of new rituals and curious objects.

Photo: Nora Vanderstraeten