Esra Westerburgen


Date: Oct 2nd
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst

Duration ‘Vloed’: 20 minutes
Duration ‘To be or not to be a Shell’: 35 minutes

Performance – Vloed
Performers: Lola Schot, Justin Reinir Croes, Shanna Huijbregts, Merel Pouwels, Terra Dannenburg, Sam Maske, Esra Westerburgen

When the tide is high they wash ashore, when the tide is low we’re able to find them. At the times of eb and flood in Westenschouwen the sea takes over for a while, washing ashore these shiny creatures, slowly twisting and twirling. Would you recognize the Whelk, Wentletrap or the Grey Topshell ?


Workshop – To be or not to be a Shell
To be or not to be, that’s the question Hamlet was asking himself when his worldview started to shiver.

In a time that offers enough reasons to doubt your views of the world, we take a completely different question in consideration. Not a question about life or death but the question to be or not to be a shell.

In this workshop you will dive into the magical world of Whelk’s, Winkle’s, Cockle’s and Oysters. A world I discovered by walking on the beach for hours, looking at what the sea had brought to land, while I was visiting my grandparents who lived closeby. In memory of them I’ll share my methods on being a mollusk.

Join and become … a shell!


From painting her feelings onto a barely worn pants to teaching others how to embody a shell. Esra Westerburgen(1996), who graduated fine arts from St. Joost in 2022, prefers to work within a wide variety of media. With a background in fashion she makes performances and installations inspired by observations from daily life and personal memories.

On Murf/murw festival Esra is showing work from the series ‘Luctor et Emergo’. A series of works in which memories to her grandparents, who used to live by the seaside, and memories to her teenage years, spent behind a sewing machine, are stored and displayed, taking on a life of their own. Creating a world in which the line between fantasy and reality fades.