Murf/Murw was founded in 2018, as a fanzine. Since 2020, we have been organizing a City Festival in collaboration with Theater De Nieuwe Vorst that focuses on theatre, music, visual arts, and film.

For the upcoming edition, we will expand our festival beyond the walls of the Theater De Nieuwe Vorst. This time, jazz stage Paradox, Kunstpodium T, cinema Cinecitta and rock stage Little Devil will join as part of our festival.

The theme of the upcoming edition is; In Limbo. The word ‘Limbo originates from the Latin term Limbus, which means ‘edge’ and refers to the edge or boundary between the real world and the world of heaven or hell. Within several religious beliefs, the term is used for an intermediate state of the soul in the transition from life to death.
The Coronavirus has kept us in a transitional state. With uncertainty we moved between an open and closed society, resulting in the possible game between life and death. But we also seem to be in a transition to an increasingly virtual society, for example. It is a condition between two defined states, a situation with an uncertain outcome. An intermediate state that is restless, unpredictable, and alive.
With this theme, we want to investigate this transitional state. Are we on the brink of collapse or the starting point of a new beginning? As a festival, we want to make a statement about the desire for light and renewal in a twilight zone of death.