Tanja Ritterbex


Date: Oct 1st
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst
Duration: 30 minutes

Performance: Burning Urge

The performance “Burning Urge” is about a shopaholic who has created a pink world of her own where she doesn’t allow herself. She is shopping sick and tries to avoid this by means of rituals. She buys beauty, safety, health, admiration, vivacity and intelligence. And partly it succeeds. But partly not.

She, the big influencer of her pink paradise, is constantly capturing herself on camera. Where buying becomes a goal in itself. Alternating with music and self-recorded text, the performance leads to two different endings.

About the artist

Tanja Ritterbex mainly paints and draws in her studio in Berlin. Her performances often refer to previously made drawings or vice versa. She gets ideas from everyday life.

She made the decor for this performance, the sound, the costumes and the smell especially for Murf/Murw. The scent of white orchids greets you when you enter the room looking at a pink paradise where she herself is shy as a bird of paradise.