Thais Di Marco


Date: Oct 1st
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst

Thais Di Marco (she/they) is a theater director and choreographer specialized in art production in contexts under conditions of violence with 15 years of practice in performing arts and cultural politics.

Currently works with partners to either reform, or destroy the art market as a totem of neoliberalism, corruption, cosmological violence, heteropatriarchalism and white supremacy.

At Murf/Murw Festival she will be showing two performances:

The Jessica Untalented Show
Join the second edition of Jessica Untalented Show.

We are looking for 3 untalented persons to show their untalent in an improvisation with Jessica, the neoliberal coach from the U.S.A. based in The Netherlands.

Participate by performing 7 minutes in the show and getting 50E.

You can join as an artist of any form, intelectual, politician, event organizer, IT and others! 

You will be last minute improvising with the director Thais Di Marco.

Watch some videos of Jessica Coaching to get inspired and…

Let’s win! 

The Wake [open rehearsal]
The wake is a piece that will be premiered in Norway in November 2022 as part of How to A. Score by the director Mia Habib. The wake is a spirit talking open session. 

This solo is a desperate attempt of returning devices to where they actually belong. Thais, also called Kaloyá, holds the title of Egbomy (bad translated to young shaman) in her traditional Candomblé community in Brazil. But Kaloyá is also the hipster Thais, an international contemporary dancer and director working in Europe with her productions. This solo is another extremely successful attempt of connecting worlds –  at the end of the world – that can maybe possibly save our capitalism.