A Dialogue on Anything Whatever 1.
Daan Keij & Inigo Wilkins
inigo en daan
philosophy, dialogue, noise, punk
Day: Saturday
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst
A Dialogue on Anything Whatever 1.

A dialogue between two philosophers: Daan Keij, with a passion for punk, and Inigo Wilkins, a researcher of noise. These two genres challenge coherence, consistency, and predictability. Can their philosophies embrace chaos?

Daan Keij studied Philosophy in Tilburg and Nijmegen. He researches concepts of childhood, questioning how we can stay connected to our childlike selves without becoming childish. Additionally, he is one of the individuals behind Humanimaal, a collective organizing punk music and other artistic expressions evenings in Tilburg.

Inigo Wilkins is a philosopher working across many disciplines. His forthcoming book is called Irreversible Noise (Urbanomic). He is co-director of the online journal Glass Bead, and member of the Noise Research Union.