Theater de Nieuwe Vorst

Theater de Nieuwe Vorst believes that culture enriches, connects, and contributes to a more beautiful city and a more beautiful world. With high-profile and diverse programming, the theater wants to create space for connection and exchange. As a connecting link between the public, theater makers, and the city, the theater can be an open and meaningful place, accessible to a wide audience.

Little Devil

A rock café with space for bands from all areas within that genre. From metal to punk and hardcore, from stoner to guitar rock. The Little Devil programs rock concerts with more famous bands as rising talents.


The most important jazz stage in the south of the Netherlands opened its doors in 1985 and is open to jazz concerts in the broadest sense of the word; from modern jazz to crossovers with pop, funk, hip hop, world music, blues, and classical.


Cinecitta is a household name in the field of film in Tilburg. Films have been shown in the arthouse cinema since 1904, making it the oldest cinema in The Netherlands. Cinecitta’s programming focuses strongly on Arthouse films.

Kunstpodium T

Kunstpodium T is a platform for talented young artists with constantly changing exhibitions. There is room for experimentation and encounter.