Als uw gat maar lacht (If yes, okay)
Dick Verdult
Black Comedy, Surrealistic, Loco
Day: Thursday
Location: Cinecitta
Als uw gat maar lacht (If yes, okay)
The Spijkerbergs are an absurdly rich family, but they are also richly absurd. Amy, the youngest member of the family doesn't know rejections, and isn't even really familiar with the word 'no'. With a lot of money anything is possible you would say. That is why she hires a theater company to add color to certain scenes from her own life. What if you make a theatrical replica of your own life? Does it act as a mirror, or are you just making your life twice as long?

A strange tree has finally grown in the Dutch film landscape. An overwhelming mix of styles, a blast of freedom and brutality. Finally a film with a colorful thick stamp of the author.

Multi-disciplinary artist Dick Verdult has been renewing himself for decades. And yet again with this strange fiction. On Saturday 30 September he will perform with his 'cumbia experimental' alter-ego: Dick El Demasiado.