Anouk Bax
fine art, drawing, portraits
Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Location: BSO Monopole
Anouk Bax

A series of portraits by Anouk Bax, an artist who transforms her love for drawing into magical images. With a preference for physical actions and repetitive movements, she creates drawings that invite you into an intimate connection. Anouk's realistic visual language gains depth through the structures that emerge during the act of drawing – a enchanting dance of ink, oil paint, pencil, and chalk.

Anouk's work encourages you to unravel the complexity hidden beneath apparent simplicity. Focusing on shifts of emotions and thoughts, as well as the connection and distance between people, this forms the core of her creations. Her art offers a profound exploration of human experiences, intriguing through the ongoing process of observing and perceiving as time passes.