Christian Guerematchi
afrofuturism, dance, mothershipconnection, resurrectionofheart, fromrebirthtodeath, fromdeathtorebirth
Day: Saturday
Location: Hall of Fame

The music genre funk is also transmitted through culture. From generation to generation, like jazz and soul, it forms a fertile ground for black expression. It echoes in disco, R&B, and even in today's house and hip-hop. These oral traditions of the diaspora are passed down, but also the silenced pain and trauma are passed down, for which we have not yet found a place. In this physically intense performance, Christian Guerematchi draws from Frantz Fanon's work 'Black Skin, White Masks'. In this novel, Fanon examines racism from a psychological perspective. With the knowledge embedded in Fanon's words, Guerematchi creates a physical translation of the 'black experience'.

The performance takes a turn midway, where Guerematchi reverses the heaviness of the subject and embraces the emotional language of Afrofuturism, inspired by the legendary musician Sun Ra. The 'ancestral' female energy from which we are born as humans and which can heal us, forms the Groove of FUNK.