Nils Quak
Foto Nils Quak
Noise, Textures, Synth, Tapes
Day: Saturday
Location: Kunstpodium T
Nils Quak

For over 25 years, Nils Quak has been creating music under his own name, various pseudonyms, and in bands. As a dedicated amateur, he is deeply rooted in the non-existent scene of the European 'no audience' underground. His music, predominantly improvised on modular synthesizers, traverses abrasive sound textures and distant echoes of worn-out new age synth tapes - sometimes comforting, sometimes gnawing at your senses like a haunting acid trip - strangely soothing radio transmissions from a long-closed new age center that has transformed into an artisanal Kimchi spot. With over 30 albums released, Nils Quak's unique style makes him a must-see act at the murf/murw festival.