Pairi Daeza
Spacey, Soundscape, Experimental
Day: Saturday
Location: To be determined
Pairi Daeza

This spacey duo from Brussels takes you on an extraordinary journey through the 4th dimension Safari, surrounded by cyberflutes, tentacular melodies and shiny bass. Their musical experiments and boundary-pushing compositions embody the essence of underground music, as they transport you to the realm of imagination, where escaped monkeys joyfully dance in your mind. Since they're still working on their debut record, we're stoked about what's to come. For certain, it's the flawless beginning to Saturday.

Note: on the timetable you'll see Pairi Daiza. In the beginning of September the band changed their name. Here is the official statement: "we were very tired being related to that maxi shitty money park called Pairi Daiza. We are highly against their activity of cultural appropriation, wildlife captivity and destruction of their actual local environment, serving their greedy business."

Stoked that this will be the very first official show as a new band. Salute Paira Daeza!