Death is in the air
Rosie Sommers & Eugène Blove
Foto 1 RosieEugene
music, cult
Day: Friday
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst
Death is in the air

Do you also suffer from choking while eating boulgour or slipping on a self-help book about how to succeed in your life? Did you experience a heart attack while meditating or have you already fallen from a cliff while taking a selfie? Eugène Blove and Rosie Sommers are the hosts of ‘The Cult of Death or the Death of Cult’. They take you on a trip to enlighten the death, the fear, the uncomfortable, the sad, the addiction, the big black hole, the lonely crybaby, the ultimate disgust, the cannibalist, that crawls under the surface of us all. Prepare to be reincarnated as a disciple of euthanasia, practice laughing rituals about genocides, resurrect dictators while playing “Fuck, marry, kill”, sing karaoke songs with russian roulette rules and participate the “Air Death” challenge to finally smash us all into the magic of chaos.

Language: English