The Man Without A Past
Aki Kaurismäki
Komedie, Drama, Absurdistisch
Day: Wednesday
Location: Cinecitta
The Man Without A Past
When 'M' arrives in Helsinki he receives a merciless kick to the back of his head. After he wakes up from his coma, there appears to be no memory of his past life. Wandering through the suburbs of Helsinki, he discovers his new identity.

In Kaurismaki's drunken universe, characters often reach the so-called bottom of their existence. They unhappily end up outside the endless cycle of work and consumption, step off the beaten path, and are, in a sense, liberated. This is an empty space. A place where existence is reduced to its essence, where it is about being and no longer about becoming.

With his wonderful lighting, minimalist narrative style and dry humour, Aki Kaurismäki manages to tell a radically small story with a bizarrely large impact. Take your chance to experience this on the big screen!