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dance, club culture, ritual, industrial, dark
Day: Saturday
Location: Hall of Fame
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Like a child with a mouthful of mud.

An impure conglomerate of concrete and ideological factors.  

Learned helplessness and symptomatic malignancy. Passivity. Compliance. Synthetic modulations and body infiltrates.   

By attempting to re-imagine the ancient fire-walking ritual of Anastenaria through a frigid post-industrial lens Trevoga’s debut choreographic work SUB 0 explores rave culture not only as a revival pagan ritual - a spring of rite in a disenchanted world but also romanticizes it as a revival of subjectivity. A form of resistance against the alienating monoculture that has permeated our fast-paced routines. Seeing the club as a sanctuary that shelters a polyphony of cosmogonies and idols and the body as its symbolic battlefield. A worship of the heavily industrialized lifestyle and yet a revolt against it.  A cult of self-destruction and transcendence. A violent quest to remedy the past. An attempt to give yourself a new form.

Conceptualized and performed by Trevoga clctv
Sound by Mr.Smiff
Set design by Kool Studio