Underworlds, A Gateway Experience
Boogaerdt/Van der Schoot
passing rite, homo-digitalis, pop culture meets Greek mythology
Day: Friday
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst


1,5 hours
Underworlds, A Gateway Experience

In UNDERWORLDS artistic duo Boogaerdt/vanderSchoot is taking you on a visionary trip into the deep darkness of the underworld. A gateway experience in which an ancient myth is mirrored to a sparkling future. It shows us the coming of age of human-digitalis. This live performance is also to be experienced as a sound- or video installation. The performance refers to both pop culture and ancient Greek mythology. It transforms the ancient story of Psyche's quest in the underworld into a new visual story about the evolution of men. Descend during a passing rite into a mindblowing world of ancient myths crowded by technological creatures. Accompanied by The Shadow Sisters, chiromancy, archaïc oracle texts will be mixed with Instagram filters, reality shift tutorials and unicorns.