Alireza Abassy

Art - Storytelling

Date: Oct 1st 
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst 

Alireza Abbasy, born in Tehran, is a Rotterdam-based transdisciplinary artist, writer and curator. Apart from his education and career in art, he has a solid background in Engineering. He received his PhD in Technology Management (2012) from Delft University of Technology and he also holds a Master in Fine Arts (2019) from Master Institute of Visual Cultures, AKV St. Joost , Den Bosch. Alireza is the co-founder and editor of Sarmad Magazine.

Work description:

Alireza tries to argue that creative writing, and in particular, writing fiction, can be a valid practice within the discipline of visual arts. This argument has led him to practice writing pieces of “flash fiction” , which can be best thought of as modern-day fables whose main characters (apart from the narrator who is an eccentric human) are anthropomorphised animals, plants, body parts, inanimate objects and forces of nature. These stories critically explore contemporary societal issues such as political activism, landscapes of the art world, queerness, alienation and unconventional knowledgeand question binary modes of thinking, stability of meaning and objectively-rational knowledge.