Eleni Ploumi


Date: Oct 1st 
Location: Little Devil

Date: Oct 2nd
Location: Paradox

Performance: Killing Time

We see two bodies. A wooden and a fleshy one. The wooden is rigid, solid, stubborn. Has straight defined lines and corners. The fleshy is bendy and soft, yet strong, invariably shifting shapes. It can be stubborn as well. The wooden body is there, always there – as a condition. The fleshy one needs to find its way on, in underneath, on top and around it. Should these two become one body? 

Using a wooden heavy bench as a physical form of a construct, Eleni investigates her relation to this construct in what becomes a duet between a fleshy and a wooden body. How can she move it, move herself around it and within it, what are the conflicts, the vulnerability, the power relationships arising from their interaction? 


Eleni Ploumi (1988 – Greece) is a performer and choreographer based in Tilburg, NL. She graduated from the Bachelor of Choreography at Fontys Dance Academy (2016) and has been developing her own choreographic work ever since. After developing several projects in Makershuis Tilburg, Eleni Ploumi joined DansBrabant in January 2020 via PLAN Talentontwikkeling, a talent development program in the Netherlands which provides her support to develop her work for three years.

As a dance maker she always performs in her own creations, for she is enthralled by the potent relation between her and the audience during a live performance. Her fascination lies in taking the audience along with her in an intense experience and share this experience in different levels, but still together. She strongly inclines towards performance art and her work is characterized by high and intense physical activity combined with theatrical elements.