KEKALA: Evangelos Biskas & Yiannis Logothetis


Date: Oct 2nd
Location: Outside & Theater de Nieuwe Vorst

KEKALA consists of two childhood friends, dancers and creators Yiannis Logothetis and Evangelos Biskas raised in Thessaloniki (GR), based in New York (US) and Tilburg (NL) respectively.

KEKALA in Greek means not taking serious things seriously, and taking non serious things seriously, and everything in between. For us, performing is a way of being. We speak, move and exist always in relation to reality of the moment, through which we find passages to share our history, our potential and our imagination. While diving into each moment, we explore the tragicomic essence of its impermanence.

We are not busy with drama, but drama happens. We don’t work with themes, but themes appear. Our work is not paradoxical, but we keep being confronted with paradoxes. We pause questions and new questions pop up. We search for balance and things to fall back to in the midst of our own death and rebirth.   

Our work individually and as KEKALA is liberatory and our approach is decolonial. In quest for our human identities, we come together to witness and be witnessed; to honour our full humanity and dismantle, in community, anything that obstructs our self-esteem, our visibility into the world and our sexuality. We are constantly learning how to do better unlearning the binary of oppressive patterns and finding ways to bring our embodied self and intellectual mind together, marrying them, making them one while creating space for them to speak to each other and integrating them seamlessly into our lives.