Onze Bas

Art - Installation

Date: Oct 1st and 2nd
Location: Theater de Nieuwe Vorst – Garden

Our Bas investigates what it can mean when he takes on the role of a mediator who is located within the spiritual, material, and also the artificial cycles of the earth and beyond. his art continues to grow through a constant statically charged wave in and around him, dragging both experiences from within and attractions to external gazing things and interweaving them into a constellation of poetically symbolic expressions.

At the murf festival he shows a result of a work made earlier. It contains a shelter that used to function as an internal spiritual location to participate in and undergo a transformation, once by ‘cleansing’ with sage smoke.

This time, the external influence around the shelter will consist of a cosmological mobile, balancing ritually created symbols that possess a power created for them through specific rituals.

The ‘constellation’ will hang from a large wooden ear, which the viewer can connect with by entering the shelter. In this way, the person participates in the work and becomes part of the sensory experiences offered by the arrangement. Here you can really listen to what the work has to say.